Purseforum deals

Purseforum deals

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The Purse Forum is actually a wonderful place. There are a couple of members, fabuleux and jellyv in particular, that seem to get off on being complete and total asses to people that don t deserve it. Their comments consistently in all threads are condescending and it s like they re trying to be rude on purpose. Makes you wonder how badly they were made fun of growing up to need to overcompensate in their lack of confidence by being keyboard bullies. You can tell they enjoy tag teaming and agreeing with each other on their imaginary high horses and it s laughable how mighty they feel.

They are the epitome of online nerds that live in their parents basements, eating snacks and calling mommy to refill their Mountain Dew. Whether that actually describes them or not, THAT is the kind of impression they leave to others. If people get scammed on eBay, apparently it is the buyer s fault, apparently as a buyer you have to make sure that the item somebody sells you is as described, I was totally puzzled by this until I googled and found out that a lot of the so called experts on this forum are sellers on eBay who try to protect their turf and sales.

So asking a question on TPF is like asking a shop if they recommend their own goods. I looked a bit further, apparently they also hunt sellers they see as competition and get others to report the items as fake in great numbers, and they are affiliated with several luxury resale sites, so no wonder that those sites get glowing reviews. I treat the site with great caution. If you make any small error in your post on there, or post your question in 2 different threads since you got no response in the first thread the authentcators will take time to be a rude power tripping troll.

They will tell you that if you mess up your post again, you will be ghosted. But they don t take the time to authenticate any purses requested by people. It s a joke of a site. Don t waste your time signing up and posting on there, it will fall on rude deaf ears. My mom was almost scammed through PurseForum after I posted pictures of a Hermes bag that the usual gaggle of "paid influencers" including Mistikat, all chimed in and confirmed that the bag was authentic.

We sought a 2nd opinion that said otherwise and later the seller was banned from eBay because others reported the counterfeit bag. Mistikat the fraudulent and clueless authenticator deleted all my posts and reference to their mistake misauthenticating the bag. Buyers and Forum members beware that when you ask for opinion on that board, Mistikat only allows comments that pretty much promotes Hermes. The tyrant only wants comments praising and idolizing a brand even clearly when the bag in question is fake or a buyer has been deceived or ripped off.

Not accurate. TOTAL waste of money. If you are looking for piece of mind, or an accurate authenticator, this is NOT it. They took my money and never authenticated. They just gave me the run around. Now I see all of these posts about them just being a scam and it adds up. They are scammers. I posted three times in urgent need of getting my purse authenticated. The authenticator posted back that i was an impatient person with a frowning emoji.

Did not even respond to any of my authentication request instead posted that i can get it from somewhere else. There so called expert in authentication has failed to detect two fakes, I will not visit them anymore. There s that saying that goes "I learned long ago never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty and besides the pig likes it. Bunch of mean girls hiding behind computer screens acting like 13 year old bullies dying to give someone a wedgie.

They have no life. And their "authenticators" are complete jokes. Please, go pay a professional. I d be careful with Authenticate4U, they are affiliated with PurseForum I heard that some of their so-called professionals authenticate on the forum and they are a scam as well. They lied and told me a purse was real, when many others said fake. I found out from the actual store that it was indeed fake.

They will also tell you a bag is fake when it is real. They suck as a company and take weeks to respond to you even though paid them promptly. Very unprofessional as well. PurseForum, Authenticate4U, you d be better off to stay away from the both of them for your insanity! It is extremely hilarious how you get to become an "authenticator" on this platform. Also quite ironic actually, as the people authenticating the bags are phoney themselves.

It is not a conspiracy theory, the facts are there, you just need to put it all together. They have no credentials at all. These people who claim to be experts on determining authentication are just fraudsters hiding behind a screen; anyone anywhere in the world can pretend to be whomever they wish on the internet. Were the "authenticators" there from day one learning the craftsmanship? Millions of bags expanding over century.

These admins and moderators are experts in deception and criminal activity. They praise certain sellers and third party authenticators but deter you away from someone who isn t part of their posse. They ll make up excuses about their negative reviews saying it s from disgruntled eBay sellers that they have defrauded. Why do they need to do that? To bury everything and make them look good. If they re so passionate about it then they shouldn t feel like that and be happy to help no matter what, especially those who require it the most.

They are mean to those who do not agree with them and shut you down so no further discussions can be made or else the truth would come out. Everything in life needs to questioned and that is how one flourishes. If someone from their clan doesn t want to chime in for an authentication then one of the sheep will, but with false facts. Someone asked about a purchase they made and wanted it authenticated because they weren t sure and a moderator quickly stated the rules about providing the sellers information and asked them to do so.

But the poster refused and wanted to know before releasing the details so the "authenticators" wouldn t have a bias judgment. I wondered why they did so and searched on ebay for the item and what do you know? A proud member of TPF recently sold the exact item. The moderator ignored it so that s when a follower stepped in and deemed it as fake for various reasons. The poster then stated they purchased it straight from the boutique and didn t get anymore replies. If you want to be scammed or bullied them that s the right place to go.

It s always best to buy from the boutiques as you know you are definitely getting the real deal. I am not a disgruntled seller but rather just a person who wants people to open their minds to question TPF. The more you inquire the more you learn. Scolded me because i asked them to authenticate a vintage Louis Vuitton wallet. I had participated in posts but apparently not enough. The authenticator took the time to write a personal scolding to me like i was a 5 year old.

Authenticate First misauthenticated a Prada backpack. Purse turned out to NOT be fake. What are they even doing? And their third party source turned out to be another blogger from purseforum! I had a purse that turned out to be fake. It took them 24 hours and them getting nasty before they would provide 3rd party information. They can t back up their statements or behave like professionals. Sent in requested photos for two Louis, one has a receipt from the store in Paris,anyhow I sent photos,for separate orders.

Sent me an email saying the photos were confused??? If you are confused I told them I am in trouble! I give up. When I pointed out their lack of expertise, Gina told me that I should not buy a 2nd handbag and go to the store. Who on earth would said that to a customer. Save your time and money, do not go to their service. Purse Form members collude with certain sellers to strategically give a bad name to some online sellers while praising others. In particular, a Purse Forum self-proclaimed authenticator under the screen name Vesna has done a lot of damage to a lot of online sellers.

A lawsuit is imminent if this continues. It will probably be a class action. This merchant "authenticated" a pre-owned Prada bag I purchased and sent me a letter stating it was real when I knew it was a knock-off. When Authenticate First found out the item was purchased from FashionPhile. Avoid these people! This dodgy website reveals all of your personal information, ip address, login info, email addresses, etc, to their self-proclaimed expert authenticators.

The admin of TPF are in cahoots with the authenticators. They are all purse sellers who publicly slander legitimate online businesses in order to steer buyers to their own sales and eliminate the competition. A professional site wouldn t engage in the kind of vicious slanderous gossip mongering, stalking and cyber bullying that Purseforum members are known for.

8 Under-the-Radar Sites to Shop Secondhand Bags

The managership silvery-gray. The purse forum deals. These canary-yellow domesticises in the purse forum deals and steals. Search this site. Purse forum deals and steals:

I ve got a friend that visited some self improvement training company that shall go un named. And she or he was boasting in my experience how amazing their training was and simultaneously how crazy these folks were.

The Purse Forum is actually a wonderful place. There are a couple of members, fabuleux and jellyv in particular, that seem to get off on being complete and total asses to people that don t deserve it. Their comments consistently in all threads are condescending and it s like they re trying to be rude on purpose. Makes you wonder how badly they were made fun of growing up to need to overcompensate in their lack of confidence by being keyboard bullies.

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Candy - whose Instagram was active at the time of writing - is one of the thousands of sellers who use the social media app to sell designer fakes. Some of the fakes are also amazing. While some of the more expensive replicas are also made of good quality materials, so they still get the leather smell. It is illegal to sell counterfeits, and Instagram removes the pages of anyone who tries to sell designer fakes on their posts. But people like Candy get around this by making new accounts as soon as their last one is closed down.

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Finding, buying, and carrying the right bag is a blissful experience. Not paying full retail price it? Well that s just the final cherry on top. Typically warranted due to impeccable construction and high-end materials, designer bags can cost a lot of cash. Any priced so low that you think, "That can t possibly be right" are likely not right, however, buying second-hand from reputable spots is a good way to knock a couple hundo off the price tag. Thanks to the recent bump in the number of high-end consignment and resale market shops popping up over the past couple of years, sites and apps are helping people buy their dream designer bags for less. The major players in the resale game like Vestiaire Collective and The RealReal need no further introduction, but plenty of smaller fish have started offering up prize styles. Here, sites to consider if you re in the market. There s an international treasure-hunter element to Rebag, with the company buying pre-loved pieces from individuals within the U.

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Log in Sign up. Share With Us. We invite you to exercise a bit of introspection and submit your own Closet Confessional! In this new PurseBlog series, we examine our reader s shopping habits and other interesting facets of being a bagaholic. You can submit your own confessional anonymously - don t care to take the time? No worries! Feel free to read through nearly 30 previously published confessionals by fellow bag lovers. Thank you for your time! Our PurseForum community is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker.

Everything I Use to Keep My Triple-Digit Leather Collection Looking Brand-new

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As most of you know, I love vintage bags as much as I love new and I get a lot of questions on buying vintage Chanel bags and authenticity. My most recent vintage Chanel bags were purchases from a resale shop in Japan. Japan and many parts of Asia have these really nice resale shops where they sell authentic, pre-owned bags in really great condition for less than retail. Last time I was in Hong Kong I stopped in quite a few of them and wanted to buy so many but resisted. When I heard that the prices for resale in Japan for Chanel was even better, I told my friend when I knew she was visiting so she could score some for herself and luckily was kind enough to pick up a few for me too! First a few things: I did most of my research through The Purse Forum which is a fantastic resource for anyone that is interested in purses. The ladies on there are super knowledgeable and I totally trust their opinions and guarantees about authenticity. For a great list of online authentic resellers, see this thread here. Taken from the website: Each seller on Malleries has a different return policy and some do let you return so read the return policy found on each item page before you buy. A lot of times pictures make the purse look a lot bigger than it really is. They always have good photos of the bag and I love that they show it modeled on a mannequin to see the size. Fashionphile ebay and online store: This is one of the few ebay sellers that I trust.

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