Washington post online subscription deals

Washington post online subscription deals

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It has the largest circulation in the Washington metropolitan area. Its slogan "Democracy Dies in Darkness" began appearing on its masthead in The newspaper has won 47 Pulitzer Prizes. This includes six separate Pulitzers awarded in , second only to The New York Times seven awards in for the highest number ever awarded to a single newspaper in one year. In the early s, in the best-known episode in the newspaper s history, reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein led the American press investigation into what became known as the Watergate scandal.

The Post has distinguished itself through its political reporting on the workings of the White House , Congress , and other aspects of the U. In , the newspaper ceased publication of its National Weekly Edition , which combined stories from the week s print editions, due to shrinking circulation. The newspaper is one of a few U. While its circulation like that of almost all newspapers has been slipping, it has one of the highest market-penetration rates of any metropolitan news daily.

For many decades, the Post had its main office at 15th Street NW. The newspaper moved into their new offices December 14, Arc Publishing is a department of the Post, which provides the publishing system, Arc, software for news organizations such as the Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times. The newspaper was founded in by Stilson Hutchins — and in added a Sunday edition, becoming the city s first newspaper to publish seven days a week.

To promote the newspaper, the new owners requested the leader of the United States Marine Band , John Philip Sousa , to compose a march for the newspaper s essay contest awards ceremony. Sousa composed " The Washington Post ". In , the newspaper moved to a building at 14th and E streets NW, where it would remain until This building combined all functions of the newspaper into one headquarters — newsroom, advertising, typesetting, and printing — that ran 24 hours per day.

Berryman s classic illustration Remember the Maine , which became the battle-cry for American sailors during the War. This cartoon depicts President Theodore Roosevelt showing compassion for a small bear cub and inspired New York store owner Morris Michtom to create the teddy bear. Wilkins acquired Hatton s share of the newspaper in at Hatton s death. During the Wilson presidency, the Post was credited with the "most famous newspaper typo " in D. Galt, but instead wrote that he had been "entering" Mrs.

When John McLean died in , he put the newspaper in trust, having little faith that his playboy son Edward "Ned" McLean could manage his inheritance. Ned went to court and broke the trust, but, under his management, the newspaper slumped toward ruin. He bled the paper for his lavish lifestyle, and used it to promote political agendas.

The Post s health and reputation were restored under Meyer s ownership. In , he was succeeded as publisher by his son-in-law, Philip Graham. This was in turn bought by and merged into the Post in On May 17, , Unification Church leader Sun Myung Moon began publishing the current Washington Times , a conservative daily broadsheet whose circulation has only ever been a fraction of its rival, the Post. In , conservative competition increased slightly with the founding of the Washington Examiner , originally a free tabloid daily, which switched to a weekly magazine format in But the Post , with a far larger presence, locally and nationally, has remained Washington s dominant paper since the s.

Few women had run prominent national newspapers in the United States. Katharine Graham described her own anxiety and lack of confidence based on her gender in her autobiography. She served as publisher from to [39] and headed The Washington Post Company into the early s as chairman of the board and CEO. After , she retained a position as chairman of the executive committee until her death in Her tenure is credited with seeing the newspaper rise in national stature through effective investigative reporting after it began to live down its reputation as a house organ for the Kennedy and Johnson administration, working to ensure that The New York Times did not surpass its Washington reporting of the Pentagon Papers and Watergate scandal.

During this time, Graham also oversaw the Post company s diversification purchase of the for-profit education and training company Kaplan, Inc. Executive editor Ben Bradlee , a Kennedy loyalist, put the newspaper s reputation and resources behind reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein , who, in a long series of articles, chipped away at the story behind the burglary of Democratic National Committee offices in the Watergate complex in Washington.

The Post s dogged coverage of the story, the outcome of which ultimately played a major role in the resignation of President Richard Nixon , won the newspaper a Pulitzer Prize in In , after 37 years, with great reader outcries and protest, The Washington Post Book World as a standalone insert was discontinued, the last issue being Sunday, February 15, , [46] along with a general reorganization of the paper, such as placing the Sunday editorials on the back page of the main front section rather than the "Outlook" section and distributing some other locally oriented "op-ed" letters and commentaries in other sections.

In , the pressmen s union went on strike. The Post hired replacement workers to replace the pressmen s union, and other unions returned to work in February In , the newspaper published a dramatic story called "Jimmy s World", [49] describing the life of an eight-year-old heroin addict in Washington, for which reporter Janet Cooke won acclaim and a Pulitzer Prize. Subsequent investigation, however, revealed the story to be a fabrication. The Pulitzer Prize was returned. Donald E. Graham , Katharine s son, succeeded her as publisher in [39] and in the early s became both chief executive officer and chairman of the board.

Katharine Weymouth , Donald Graham s niece, served as publisher and chief executive officer from until , when Jeff Bezos took over ownership of the paper. Bezos said he has a vision that recreates "the daily ritual of reading the Post as a bundle, not merely a series of individual stories In , the Post announced it was moving from 15th Street to a leased space three blocks away at One Franklin Square on K Street.

When financier Eugene Meyer bought the bankrupt Post in , he assured the public he wouldn t be beholden to any party. This included editorializing "news" stories written by Meyer under a pseudonym. The Post ran many of her pieces including tributes to her personal friends John Dewey and Saul Alinsky. Eugene Meyer became head of the World Bank in , and he named his son-in-law Phil Graham to succeed him as Post publisher. The post-war years saw the developing friendship of Phil and Kay Graham with the Kennedys , the Bradlees and the rest of the " Georgetown Set" many Harvard alumni that would color the Post s political orientation.

The Post is credited with inventing the term " McCarthyism " in a editorial cartoon by Herbert Block. Joseph McCarthy s "tarring" tactics, i. The committee had evolved from the McCormack - Dickstein Committee of the s. Phil Graham s friendship with JFK remained strong until their untimely deaths in Edgar Hoover reportedly told the new President Lyndon B. Johnson , "I don t have much influence with the Post because I frankly don t read it. I view it like the Daily Worker.

Ben Bradlee became the editor-in-chief in , and Kay Graham officially became the publisher in , paving the way for the aggressive reporting of the Pentagon Papers and Watergate scandals. In the mids, some conservatives referred to the Post as " Pravda on the Potomac " because of its perceived left-wing bias in both reporting and editorials. Bush s ambitions to invade Iraq. National security correspondent Walter Pincus reported that he had been ordered to cease his reports that were critical of the Republican administrations.

On March 26, , Chris Matthews said on his television program, "Well, The Washington Post is not the liberal newspaper it was, Congressman, let me tell you. I have been reading it for years and it is a neocon newspaper". In a study published on April 18, , by Yale professors Alan Gerber, Dean Karlan, and Daniel Bergan, citizens were given a subscription to either the conservative-leaning Washington Times or the liberal-leaning Washington Post to see the effect that media has on voting patterns.

Gerber had estimated based on his work that the Post slanted as much to the left as the Times did to the right. Gerber found those who were given a free subscription of the Post were 7. In November , the newspaper was criticized by independent journalist Robert Parry for reporting on anti-Obama chain e-mails without sufficiently emphasizing to its readers the false nature of the anonymous claims.

Responding to criticism of the newspaper s coverage during the run-up to the presidential election , former Post ombudsman Deborah Howell wrote: Yet opinion was still weighted toward Obama. In December , The Post published a story inaccurately stating that a Russian hacking operation had infiltrated the U. Katharine Graham wrote in her autobiography Personal History that the newspaper long had a policy of not making endorsements for political candidates.

However, since at least , the newspaper has occasionally endorsed Republican politicians, such as Maryland Governor Robert Ehrlich. Mayor a young Marion Barry allowed those candidates to tout their endorsements, thereby distinguishing them from an otherwise crowded field of big name candidates. In September , a Sunday feature story appeared on the front page of the Post titled "Jimmy s World" in which reporter Janet Cooke wrote a profile of the life of an eight-year-old heroin addict.

The story was then found to be a complete fabrication, and the Pulitzer was returned. I think that the decision to nominate the story for a Pulitzer is of minimal consequence. I also think that it won is of little consequence. It is a brilliant story — fake and fraud that it is. It would be absurd for me or any other editor to review the authenticity or accuracy of stories that are nominated for prizes.

On November 9, , a Washington Post op-ed written by Mohammed Ali al-Houthi , a political leader in Houthi movement and a major figure in orchestrating the Houthi takeover in Yemen which sparked the Yemeni Civil War , was published. This led The Washington Post to be criticized by multiple activists on the basis of providing a platform to an "anti-Western and antisemitic group supported by Iran". Both Iran and the Houthis have denied they are collaborating with each other. In June , over employees of The Washington Post signed an open letter to owner Jeff Bezos demanding "fair wages; fair benefits for retirement, family leave and health care; and a fair amount of job security.

The petition followed on a year of unsuccessful negotiations between The Washington Post Guild and upper management over pay and benefit increases. In November , the Post published a story that relied heavily on a report by PropOrNot , an anonymous internet group that seeks to expose what it calls Russian propaganda. PropOrNot published a list of websites they called "bona-fide useful idiots " of the Russian government.

In July , in the midst of intense debate over health care reform , The Politico reported that a health-care lobbyist had received an "astonishing" offer of access to the Post s "health-care reporting and editorial staff. Here is how the full-color brochure described the event planned for July 21, An evening with the right people can alter the debate. Underwrite and participate in this intimate and exclusive Washington Post Salon, an off-the-record dinner and discussion at the home of CEO and Publisher Katharine Weymouth.

Bring your organization s CEO or executive director literally to the table. Interact with key Obama Administration and Congressional leaders. The relaxed setting in the home of Katharine Weymouth assures it. Almost immediately following the disclosure, Weymouth canceled the salons, saying, "This should never have happened.

Washington Post Coupons & Promo Codes

Consumers who already have a subscription to Amazon Prime get The Washington Post online for free for 6 months. But you have to activate it. Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos bought the paper in —so it makes perfect sense that they have some cross promotions going on. But people who are already subscribers to Amazon Prime might not even know about their ability to get the newspaper free for 6 months. Personally, I had no idea until very recently.

Designed for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV, this app keeps you informed with award-winning national and international news coverage — along with striking photography and informative graphics that bring stories to life. Intuitive browsing and a streamlined design allow you to seamlessly navigate through stories and enjoy in-depth reading.

The online retailer will now offer the digital edition of the pay-walled Post free for six months to its millions of Amazon Prime members , as first reported by Capital New York. After six months, Prime users will be able to continue to buy the Post for a reduced rate. Since then pundits have wondered if and how Bezos would integrate the Post into his other products, especially Amazon Prime and the Kindle. Last November, Kindle Fire users gained the chance to get reduced subscriptions to the Post with a new app. Prime users will now be joining them.

Washington Post digital subscriptions soar past 1 million mark

Of course I clicked. Who could resist? I became a subscriber for the first time, and The Post had just monetized its scoop. But by all visible measures, including the vital but hard-to-measure buzz factor, the resurrection of The Post , both editorially and financially, in less than four years has been little short of astonishing. The Post has said that it was profitable last year — and not through cost-cutting.

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Do Amazon Prime Members Get Washington Post for Free?

It has the largest circulation in the Washington metropolitan area. Its slogan "Democracy Dies in Darkness" began appearing on its masthead in The newspaper has won 47 Pulitzer Prizes. This includes six separate Pulitzers awarded in , second only to The New York Times seven awards in for the highest number ever awarded to a single newspaper in one year. In the early s, in the best-known episode in the newspaper s history, reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein led the American press investigation into what became known as the Watergate scandal. The Post has distinguished itself through its political reporting on the workings of the White House , Congress , and other aspects of the U. In , the newspaper ceased publication of its National Weekly Edition , which combined stories from the week s print editions, due to shrinking circulation. The newspaper is one of a few U. While its circulation like that of almost all newspapers has been slipping, it has one of the highest market-penetration rates of any metropolitan news daily.

Washington Post Tops 1 Million In Paid Digital Subscriptions; LA Times Leads Regional Dailies

By crgreene. Effective January 1 , the Washington Post will discontinue their unlimited complimentary access to their content via washingtonpost. Students, faculty, and staff are eligible to purchase individual subscriptions to the Washington Post at a discounted academic rate. Those with a valid. The Libraries continue to provide full-text access to the content of the Washington Post ; Nexis Uni , Newspaper Source Plus , Factiva , and other databases include articles up to the present day.

Amazon Prime members to get free access to the Washington Post

It s no secret I m a big fan of Amazon Prime. From unlimited photo storage to Amazon Video to free eBooks that change every day — it s hard not to find a useful perk on top of the free 2-day shipping! But did you know Amazon Prime members also get a six months free Washington Post digital subscription? With the pace of news these days, it s nice having a legitimate source to turn to instead of relying on Facebook or Twitter or what your friends heard. Your digital subscription gives you unlimited access to all WashingtonPost. However, it s super easy to cancel your subscription and not pay a dime too! While researching this post, I also discovered that members of the military and government employees also get a complimentary digital The Washington Post access! All you need to start a subscription is a valid. MIL or.

Amazon Prime Members Can Now Get The Washington Post Free For 6 Months

Thank you for being a reader of The Denver Post. All readers of denverpost. LOG IN: If you already have a username and password for managing your Denver Post subscription account, you will be able to use them to log in. The expenses associated with creating unique, original news content are significant. In recent years, we have made much of our work available online at no cost. The current economics of our business make this impractical, so regular digital visitors who are not subscribers will be asked to subscribe to help support the cost of our important work. We will continue to offer occasional visitors a limited number of free articles. If you are a regular reader — and we hope that you are — then you will want to subscribe to ensure you continue to have unlimited access to the local news and information that matters to you. Prices for different access levels are available on our Denver Post Membership site.

The Post previously had not disclosed its circulation numbers.

More than newspapers around the globe are now signed up to The Washington Post partner program , meaning that subscribers in places ranging from Chippewa Falls to Tel Aviv can access the D. That part seems to be going well for the Post: While traffic from partner-paper subscribers are only a small share of overall traffic, the paper reported Each subscriber coming from papers in the partner program has to register on washingtonpost. The Post paywall already makes exceptions for students, government employees, and others. Similarly, the Post is considering the idea of licensing its proprietary content management system to other newspapers, Hill said. The CMS is currently being tested out in college newspapers. Metro and local newspapers are just another platform for expanded reach in that model. The way it works is readers at partner papers like The Dallas Morning News get an email offer for free digital access to the Post. Following a link, they register at washingtonpost. Bernard said digital access to the Post is an important asset that can push current subscribers into full access of their digital offerings, stop people on the verge of dropping the paper, or lure back lapsed subscribers. The relationship with the Post will likely lead to more new revenue for The Star Tribune:

The news stood out to staffers because the Post had not disclosed the data before. The Post, like several other national papers, has been focused on signing up as many paying subscribers as possible. Ryan didn t provide any other benchmarks, but the 1 million figure puts the Post just a bit behind The Wall Street Journal, one of its primary rivals. According to The Journal s most recent count, through June, it has 1. Both papers are eclipsed by The New York Times, which has far more digital subscribers than any other American news outlet. The news organizations like to point out that lots of other subscribers pay for the print edition and get digital access on top of that. But digital-only subscriptions are the primary area of growth.

Skip to main content. The Washington Post Digital Access. Sold by Washington Post. Image Unavailable Image not available for Color: Currently unavailable. This subscription is not available for purchase due to geographical restrictions. Currently this subscription is available only to customers located in the United States and who have a U. Plan Option: Basic Digital. Enjoy expert reporting and analysis from Washington and around the world.

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