Original joes daily deals

Original joes daily deals

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Our community is ready to answer. Upload your resume Sign in. Find Companies. Ratings by category Clear. Found 30 reviews matching the search See all 59 reviews. Sort by: Helpfulness Rating Date. Very fast paced. It was a fun job at first however, I began to get way to many hours and they relied only of me to work weekdays and that was very difficult because I also played volleyball at the time.

Was this review helpful? Fun workplace and great employees. A typical night at work is usually pretty busy. A night would consist of at least 3 servers, expo, bartender and management on the floor. Ive learnt alot at this place and really have excelled on my server experience. Management and employees are all amazing people to work with and make my job more enjoyable. The hardest part about this job is catering to peoples bad experiences and trying to make it the best experience possible for them after an issue arises.

The hardest past of the job was working for one of the managers and trying to deal with her and the way she treated coworkers. Aside from that, the workplace didn t have any other cons. Nice people to worked with. Good management. A good workplace culture. I think the group restaurants are a great option but stay away from the franchises. Albert, AB — 27 July To be fair need to say that the one in St.

Albert is a Franchise and they usually doesn t adhere to the company standards, big loads of work, no breaks between shifts, and preferences from some employees against others. Plus a very poor management towards customers and employees, you could say they are only oriented in sales and costs. Current management is awesome, though it s had it s ups and down. Typical day: Workplace culture: A lot of work has to be done by yourself if you see it needs doing, as few people are willing to go above and beyond.

Usually goes unnoticed when you do, unless management sees you actively doing it. Hardest part of the job: Most enjoyable part of the job: Productive and fun work place. I worked with mostly guys therefore some of them are lazy and always relying on us prep cook. The management needs an improvement on how to treat their employees and should pay them right. Poor management took a simple and fun job and found a way to make it s employees want to go scrub toilets rather than work for Original Joes.

In a low rewarding job such as a restaurant line cook sometimes the only real motivation to continue working there comes from the people you work with. You will see a lot of come and go employees but the ones who stay have a personality pattern to say the least. They re almost always fun and gregarious people to be around who have strong work ethics. A good manager can take this group of people and turn them into a power force of food producers.

You will enjoy coming to work and look forward to seeing your friends. The resteruant will feel like a family more than a buisness, which it most certainly is. Customers notice this as well. When you come into a resteruant do you like to see isolated and disgruntled servers with the line cooks making your food with their heads down in silence?

Or would you rather see smiling faces, hear servers laughing with each other, with you, with the cooks? Sometimes all it takes to be a good manager is to tell your employees their doing a good job. Give them helpful critism when they are wrong instead of telling them to do it a different without giving a reason. Give them incentive to continue doing a good job when they are working well by simply telling them they are.

Interact with them when you have the time. Ask them about their lives outside of work or even hang out once your off or come in when they need you. A good manager is a natural leader. Not everyone has the time it takes to be a good manager however. The impressions you give your staff is what they will see in you even when you are not present. A manager who isn t there is a manager who doesn t care. This is especially true in a kitchen. Original Joe s currently has poor managers who can not budget properly to such an extreme that it has started effecting tipouts.

When food orders come in they are so consistently wrong that I actually believe they use a dartboard. This in turn empties the registers as they constantly need to send their employees to a grocery store to buy product we obviously need but did not order. Now if a manager can t even do their duties properly on what leg do they stand when they critique your own work.

How can they possibly begin taking the right steps towards being a good and respectable leader when they can t even help themselves? To sum this up Original Joes has a lapdog group of managers with no integrity who focus more on keeping their own backsides out of the fire then helping their staff improve. There is no training, only an unhelpful website that you must complete at home or else they threaten you with less shifts and withhold tipouts.

Truly have I never so felt so low about myself and my potential than my last few months at Original Joes. Gone are days of good managers for this company. As soon as they naturally partnered with the company Cara and became another coorperate franchise was the moment the blade dropped. How can a manager care for their staff in the ways I ve described when they themselves are under the constant pressure and disproval from their own bosses? A chain of mismanagement has strangled this company and all the glory it once had.

If you want a minimun wage job that doesn t care about you and grinds your nose to the floor then Original Joe s is the place for you. You won t recieve any sort of benifits, you won t receive any praise, and you may not even receive you hard earned tipouts. I recommend a come and go experience. Good luck. Was a great place to start! It was a great place to work for untill recent, management changes! There is a huge presence of favoratisim amognst a certain few people.

Just can t quite pay the bills. Only work here if you have no other options. Management is questionable, lots of pretty girls to work with, except to them you are pond scum. Men only hired in the back, women only hired in the front. Expect to be underpaid for the amount of work put in. I wanted to earn more that is why I moved to the next job. It was a nice place,management is good and co workers were dependable.

Ask a question. Favoritism is rampant in this restaurant. The constant put-downs and bullying that goes on makes for a hard place to work at. The management is not as good as it should be and the gossip that goes around makes it so you feel you can t trust anyone there. It s immature and not how you should conduct a workplace. Especially a restaurant. The place made me feel unwelcome and as if I should tip-toe around there and makes for a hostile work environment.

Love the place to eat and to work. I have very much enjoyed working for this company. Of the many chain restaurants I have been involved in this one has by far proven to be of the top for quality and work environment. Very poor managment. Worked here for a good few months, really liked it at first. Had a good solid team then the management changed and things went down hill.

Made for a very poor work environment that I no longer enjoyed working in and instead of having management work with you and help you to make things better they only did what was best for the restaurant and making money. Employees who try to stand up and have a say for themselves are only struck down and forced to work harder. Good place to work. Good management and training for new employees.


Our community is ready to answer. Upload your resume Sign in. Find Companies. Ratings by category. Showing all 59 reviews. Sort by:

We went on a Tuesday, half price wine was the reward.

Our community is ready to answer. Upload your resume Sign in. Find Companies. Ratings by category Clear. Found 30 reviews matching the search See all 59 reviews. Sort by:

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I felt that the server thought we were tourists and didn t give the best service possible. The food was ok, the cream based sauces were broken and left a puddle of oil in the bottom of two dishes. That s Italian. It has been here for decades for a reason. The food is reliably great.

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