Telstra deals iphone 5

Telstra deals iphone 5

Back it stock again! Cheapest price available right now. This is due to the changes in the Medium tablet plan now to 20GB per month. The page that I …. Don t forget to unsubscribe in 23 months time.

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Telstra has sold out of its pre-order iPhone 5 stock just hours after the device became available on Friday night. The carrier was the third to announce plans and pre-orders for the new smartphone after Optus late on Friday. An Optus spokesperson confirmed it still had stock of the new iPhone and was taking orders online. Vodafone was not available for comment but is similarly taking pre-orders on its website. The overwhelming demand forced Apple to push back its shipment date a week, from September 21 to September Got a news tip for our journalists?

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Revamped Telstra plans bundle yearly handset upgrade

Telstra has announced that has stopped taking pre-orders for the iPhone 5 "for now" as it has run out of stock. Read the article here. If you want to pre-order a new iPhone 5 you better get in line, judging by the comments over at the Vodafone site. Pre-orders for iPhone 5 have begun in Australia - click here to see all the iPhone 5 plan prices currently announced by Telstra, Optus, Vodafone and Virgin Mobile.

If you want a mobile offer that lets you run things how you like, choosing a Telstra Pre-Paid mobile offer is the way to go. Choose from one of our great offers.

Over the weekend, Telstra also announced its contract plans for the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, coming in a little behind the value on offer from Vodafone. Telstra announced its range of iPhone 5s and 5c plans late on Friday. The plans show the iPhone 5c coming in at only slightly lower prices than the iPhone 5s. All of the above prices are based on a month contract, with Vodafone also offering month contract options.

Telstra s new iPhone plans are more expensive than ever

The release of a popular new phone model such as the iPhone provides mobile companies with an opportunity to steal market share by offering consumers the best deal possible and locking them into one- or two-year contracts. Since the introduction of new consumer protection codes, all telcos must release a simple one-page summary of what they are offering, but it still takes a bit of mathematical wizardry to work out the most appropriate plan. However, this plan has very low call and data inclusions so users might get stung by excess usage charges over the two-year contract. The Telstra plan lets customers download 1 GB of data every month, whereas the other carriers plans only allow megabytes per month. But a new feature in Apple s new iOS 7 operating software, which allows users to make calls using mobile data rather than tradition telephone calls, may mean talk time is much less important in mobile plans than before. With the option of audio-only calls in the Apple app FaceTime, iPhone users will be able to talk to other iPhone users via Wi-Fi or mobile data. FaceTime over a mobile data connection is available on the iPhone 4S or later and is supported on iPad 2 or later, iPad mini, iPod touch 4th generation or later, and many Macs.

Telstra announces iPhone 5s, 5c plans

The telco also offers BYO phone plans and lock-in plans, which are priced around the same levels or a little more or less. In a statement released yesterday, Telstra noted that it had launched two types of new mobile plans. Simultaneously, Telstra said in its statement that from 4 March customers will be able to add the option to trade up to a brand-new smartphone after just 12 months when they sign up to a new month plan. Telstra is the first carrier in Australia to make this offer available across a range of plans for consumer customers. The top reasons Australians wanted to update their mobile more frequently included a desire to have the latest features, a love of having the latest gadgets and boredom with their existing device, according to Telstra. The new Mobile Accelerate Plans also offer casual plans month to month , data sharing where customers can share data allowances across multiple devices and BYO and BYO data share plans. Extra data packs are also available. A MB limit is much more easily breached than the old 1GB entry level limit. When you factor in the fact that Telstra subsidises some of the cost of the smartphones it sells to customers on plans, this looks like a fairly attractive option.

Telstra, Vodafone release iPhone 5S, 5C pricing

Telstra s new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c plans are significantly more expensive than last year s iPhone 5 plans. The telco officially announced its pricing plans for the new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c last Friday, exactly a week ahead of their official launch on Friday, 20 September. The pricing represents a significant increase on last year s iPhone 5 plans , and follows a trend in the Australian telco market where providers continue to raise prices but decrease data allowances. However, Telstra customers will have to pay a monthly handset repayment on almost every plan, depending on the model of handset they choose. The 1GB data allowance is the same as it was on last year s cheapest iPhone 5 plans. For comparison purposes, we ve compiled a table of Telstra s cheapest plan for each iPhone 5s and 5c model, and compared prices directly with last year s iPhone 5 plans. Sign up to gain exclusive access to email subscriptions, event invitations, competitions, giveaways, and much more.

iPhone 5s, 5c plans released by Telstra, Optus, Vodafone

In a nutshell: So every year, new phone! Perfect for us nerds, right? Well, no. I can picture it now: It scares the crap out of people! Oh yeah, and check that fine print too [PDF]. No refunds.

Australia’s Telstra Preparing for iPhone 5 Release

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The iPhone pre-orders went on sale Friday and as we know from earlier in the week, the iPhone 5 will support 4G speeds in Australia.

Select a mobile phone plan to find out more

Not available with other bonus data offers. All for use in AU. For use in AU in 28 days. Excludes rate plan change and SIM swaps. Rate Plan ends: New customers only. For use in Australia within 28 days. Learn more here. Just plug into power. Personal viewing in Aus. Streaming quality dependent on device, service provider and speed of internet connection.

Pre-Paid Mobile Phones

Ahead of the Friday launch of the new iPhones 5S and 5C in Australia , Telstra and Vodafone have released their post-paid pricing plans for customers wishing to sign up for or month contracts. The iPhone 5S comes in gold, silver, and "space-grey" colours, a 4-inch display like the iPhone 5, a bit A7 chip, a fingerprint reader, 10 hours of long-term evolution LTE browsing or 3G talk time, an 8-megapixel camera, and the long-awaited iOS 7 operating system. The iPhone 5C is Apple s product aimed at the lower end of the smartphone market, but is still quite expensive on its own. It comes with a polycarbonate backing in green, grey, light blue, peach, and yellow. It has a 4-inch screen, an A6 chip, an 8-megapixel camera, and iOS 7. The iPhones 5S and 5C can be bought outright.

If you re on the hunt for a Telstra plan, you re probably already familiar with the carrier s strengths and weaknesses. Impressive coverage can be worth the somewhat steeper price of entry on a Telstra contract, particularly if you re living in more remote regions, and premium inclusions such as Foxtel Now starter packs and Apple Music subscriptions definitely sweeten the deal alongside your brand new phone. We ve scanned through all the plans, promos and specials that Telstra has to offer and picked out three of its best to suit different kinds of customers. Whether you re after the most affordable budget option, a spectacularly well-balanced plan or one with loads of data, we re here to help. If you re going to go with Telstra, then the telco s iPhone offerings are usually the most compelling, and there s no better value right now than with the iPhone XR. On top of the unlimited international talk and text, 50GB of data and no excess data charges after you reach your cap speeds will slow instead , you ll also be able to stream a whole host of sporting events data-free. You might not be getting the latest Google flagship here, but the Pixel 3 Xl arguably changed very little from its predecessor, and the Pixel 2 XL still holds up. It s even more enticing when you factor in this incredibly low price for a Telstra plan, let alone the 15GB of data. But hurry as stock is limited.

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